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Indivy - buy now, pay later

Indivy brings together a selection of Pay Later payment methods: Go, Slice 3 and Plan.

How to buy with Indivy?

In online store and sales points, you can quickly and conveniently purchase all goods using Indivy payment methods. Applying for Indivy payment methods is as easy as making a card payment. If you’ve selected your new Apple device but don’t want to pay the full purchase price at once, we’ll offer you a payment solution. You choose a repayment period between 1 and 48 months, we will draw up a contract and deliver the goods to you immediately. Easy.

In the online store, select your preferred Indivy payment method in the shopping cart, depending on whether you want to pay for the goods next month (Indivy Go), in three equal instalments (Indivy Slice 3) or over a longer period (Indivy Plan via a hire purchase).

Terms and conditions for Indivy payment methods

  • Flexible solution for individual payment plans
  • Fees are always clear and visible
  • Period 1–48 months
  • Purchase amount 75-10 000 EUR
  • Deposit 0 euros
  • Available to customers of all bank

Indivy Go – invoice with a due date:

  • Free for the customer
  • Not a credit product
  • Allows multiple smaller purchases per calendar month with merchants who have signed up for the Indivy Go payment method
  • The purchase amount will be due on the 15th day of the following month

Indivy Slice 3 – pay in three equal instalments, no extra charges:

  • Always free for the customer
  • Not a credit product
  • The first payment is due next month
  • The purchase amount is paid in three equal instalments

Indivy Plan – flexible hire purchase:

  • Take more time to pay and divide the purchase amount over a period of up to 4 years.
  • The first instalment is due after one month.
  • Interest 14.9%
  • Contract fee 0 euros.
  • Management fee 0 euros

The annual percentage rate of hire purchase credit is 30.24% under the following model conditions: price of the contract object if paid immediately (net price) 1,000 euros, credit amount 1,000 euros, deposit 0 euros, contract period 24 months, fixed interest rate 14.9% per annum, contract fee 0 EUR, monthly management fee 0 euros. The monthly instalment is 54.22 euros, the total amount of credit and the total instalments is 1,301.02 euros. The creditor is AS Inbank Finance (license number 4.1-1/31, place of business Niine 11, Tallinn, phone 640 808). Before signing a contract, read the terms and conditions carefully and, if necessary, consult a specialist at Inbank Finance AS or another expert.