Exchange your old device for a new Apple!

Trade in calculator

The trade in discount extends to new devices and accessories. In addition to Apple, it is also possible to return devices from other manufacturers.
Please use the model name, serial number or IMEI code of your device to find the device.
The redemption value is indicative. The real trade in value will be determined on the spot.


Bring the used device to us.
Get a new Apple product at a better price.

A convenient way to upgrade your equipment sustainably.


A new Apple device at a lower price

Bring any working computer, phone, tablet or smart watch to us and get a new Apple device with discount in the value of your used device.


We accept up to 5 devices at a time

Used devices must be brought to our office, where their value will be assessed, but you can find out the indicative price on this page. The old device can be a tablet, phone or computer from any manufacturer.


To trade in your old device, do the following:

1. Come to our store with your device. Devices from all manufacturers are welcome.

2. We evaluate your old device. The only requirement is that the device must be operational - if it turns on from the button, then it also has a value.

3. If the trade in price suits you, we will help you choose a new product and get a discount in the value of your old device.

NB! For a trade in, it is necessary to turn off the Find My function, or which you need to remember your Apple ID username and password.