Bring us your old device and get a new one with a discount.

The campaign is organized by iDeal Group AS, registered office Tallinn, Tartu mnt 80, registry code 10390835. (hereinafter: Organizer).
2.1. The "Switch from an old device to a new Apple" campaign (the "Campaign") will run from June 6 to June 30, 2022 (the "Campaign Period").
2.2. All customers who bring any old equipment to the White Clock salons during the campaign period participate in the campaign. If the value of the old device is at least € 100, iDeal Group AS will add € 50 to the value of the device to purchase a new product. The device is assessed on site by a cabin crew member. The amount received for the device together with the bonus can be used to purchase a new product on the spot.
2.3. If the repurchase price is suitable, the customer will be helped to choose a new product on the spot in the cabin and get an immediate discount according to the value of the old product. The discount only applies to new equipment and accessories in stock. The discount does not extend to maintenance services and training.
2.4. As part of the campaign, up to 5 old devices can be returned for the purchase of a new device, but the bonus will be added to the value of one of the most expensive devices with a value of at least € 100.
2.5. The participant in the Campaign confirms the accuracy of the information provided to the Organizer about himself / herself, his / her compliance with the Campaign Rules and acceptance thereof.
2.6 The amount received for the old device will not be reimbursed to the customer in cash or as a gift card. The amount with the bonus can only be used to buy a new product at the same time as the old device is brought into the cabin.
2.7 The campaign applies to both private and business customers.
3.1. The Participant confirms that he / she is aware that by participating in the Campaign, the Organizer processes his / her personal data in accordance with the general principles of personal data processing of iDeal Group AS (read more at politika/). By transmitting his / her personal data to the Organizer within the framework of the campaign, the Participant consents to the Organizer processing his / her personal data for the purpose of transmitting information related to the campaign.
3.2. All disputes arising from the Campaign will be resolved in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
3.3. All claims related to the organization of the Campaign must be sent in writing with the note “Repurchase Campaign” to e-mail no later than 10.07.2022
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The buy-back discount extends to new equipment and accessories. In addition to Apple, it is possible to bring back equipment from other manufacturers, but we only display the online price for Apple devices. Please use your Apple device name, serial number, or IMEI number to locate your device.

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The redemption value is indicative. The real repurchase value will be determined at the store.