Apple Service

  • 1. What to do before bringing a device in for service. Please consider these requirements.

    Before taking your device to service:

    • Back it up.
    • Switch off the FMI (Find My iPhone) function.
    • Remove any protective glasses and covers.

    2. I am not based in Tallinn, but I would like to bring my device in for service. What do I have to do?

    If you live outside of Tallinn, we will help you to solve any problems you may have with Apple devices without you having to visit us.


    • Choose a suitable method of transport: Itella SmartPOST or a suitable courier service (e.g. DPD and Omniva).
    • Package the device and provide it with the recipient's address.
    • Write the description of the problem on a piece of paper and enclose it.
    • We will make you an offer for diagnostics and repair.
    • We will perform the requested repairs and send the device back to you once the invoice is paid.

    The sender covers the shipping costs. A transport fee is added upon returning the device according to the chosen delivery method.
    Recipient: Valge Klaar, Tartu mnt 50a, Tallinn 10115.

    When using SmartPOST:

    Parcel terminal: Sikupilli Shopping Centre
    Telephone number: +372 513 1630
    Contact person: "Valge Klaar hooldus" or "Valge Klaar e-poe tagastus"
    It is important to provide the package with the sender's name, e-mail and phone number.

    Please consider the following when using the mail-in service:

    • Upon sending us the device via a courier or SmartPOST, the service deadline extends by up to three business days.
    • Please ensure that the packaging protects the device from small drops (under the courier's responsibility).
    • Please write down your service wish and problem description as precisely as possible.
    • By shipping your device in for service, you agree with the service terms and conditions

    3. Why do I have to leave my device with the service team until the spare part arrives?

    In accordance with Apple's regulations, we are obliged to ensure the condition of the equipment remains unchanged during the performance of the work (ie from the ordering of the spare part to its arrival and replacement), therefore the device must remain in the service center until the spare part arrives. If necessary, we can offer a replacement device by that time, its rent is 20 € for iOS device and 40 € for Mac regardless of length of period.

    4. I have forgotten my Apple ID password/username. How can I recover it?

    For such questions, you will be assisted by Apple International Customer Support. Their number is 80 000 44 333. Please choose the 'other' category to get connected to a customer service assistant who can help you. NB! Communicating with a service provider is in English, the call goes to Ireland. Price list is operator-based. If possible, also look for a purchase document or other document related to the device.

    5. My iPad has a broken screen/dead battery. Is it possible to replace it?

    There are no spare parts available for iPads, i.e. in the case of a dead battery or a broken screen, we can only offer to replace the whole device. You need to bring your device in for service in order to get a quote.

    6. What is device replacement?

    In the case of iPads/iPhones, repairs are made via device replacement, i.e. the old device is sent back to Apple and replaced by a new one that is exactly the same (the box and accessories are not included). Your device is replaced if a specific spare part cannot be replaced separately or if the device damaged to the extent that it cannot be repaired. In such a case, the whole device module is replaced. A device that has been serviced via device replacement is treated as a spare part and is therefore is also covered by Apple's 90-day warranty.

    7. My splashproof/waterproof device suffered water damage. How is this possible and why is it not covered by the warranty?

    Despite that the iPhone 7 (8/X) is waterproof for a limited period of time (30 minutes in clean water that is up to 1 m deep according to the IP67 standard), water damage cannot be repaired under warranty. This is partially due to the fact that the conditions applied to the device cannot be checked in retrospect and IP67 standards are set via lab tests, i.e. using clean water. If the device comes into contact with seawater (salt) or pool water (chlorine and other chemicals), its liquid-proof qualities may not work in the same conditions. Your device's waterproof qualities may also disappear if you take it to a sauna.

    8. How to switch off the Find My iPhone function if I cannot switch on my phone?

    • Use your Apple ID data to log in at
    • Select 'Find iPhone' and then the device you wish to remove from the 'All My Devices' menu on the top of the page.
    • Then select 'Remove from account'

    Make sure that you have removed the correct device from the correct account, i.e. the one you used to log in to the iPhone. Make sure to select 'Remove from account' not 'Erase iPhone'. If that does not work, contact Apple's international customer support.

    Instructions in Russian:

  • Is your damaged device insured? If yes, take the following steps:

    • Register the event with your insurance provider. Report an insured event: Swedbank / Salva Kindlustus / PZU / ERGO
    • Determine the number of the insurance act with their help.
    • Back up your data and in the case of an iPhone, switch off the Find My iPhone function (Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone).
    • Book a service online and bring your device to: Tartu mnt. 50a or Mustamäe tee 3a.
    • For more information, contact us on: +372 6180099
  • Aitame lahendada Sinu Apple hooldustööga seotud mured selleks kohale tulemata. Asud väljaspool Tallinnat? Või ei saa ise kohale tulla? Saada oma probleemne seade meile kulleriga.

    1. Täida veebivorm ja telli kuller kodu ukse taha. Kullerteenuse hind on 9,90€ (one way).
    2. Paki seade turvaliselt, märgi üles nimi ja kontaktid.
    3. Oota kullerit ja anna pakk kullerile kontaktivabalt.
    4. Teostame seadmele diagnostika ja saadame Sulle remondipakkumise.
    5. Palume Sinult kinnitust, et pakkumine sobib ning vastavalt sellele tellime vajalikud varuosad.
    6. Teostame soovitud tööd ning peale arve tasumist saadame seadme Sulle tagasi kulleriga (9,90 €) või pakiautomaadiga (3,90€).

    Teenus toimib vaid Eesti piires!

    Palume arvestada seadme saatmisel
    • Palume arvestada, et hooldustöö teostamise aeg on kuni 3 tööpäeva.
    • Seade palume pakkida selliselt, et see kannataks väikest kukkumist (kulleri vastutusel).
    • Hooldustöö soov ja veakirjelduse palume võimalikult täpselt kirja panna.
    • Hooldustöö saatmisega nõustute hooldustööde tingimustega. Tutvu tingimustega
    • Palume oma andmetest koopia teha. Mac varundamise õpetus / iPhone varundamise õpetus
    • Palume maha võtta Find My funktsiooni. Kui see on aktiivne ei saa me seadmele diagnostikat teostada. Find My iPhone õpetus / Find My Mac õpetus

    You can contact us by phone +372 6180099 or via e-mail

    Fill the form to send your device to service with courier:

    NB! A confirmation will be sent to your e-mail. If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact

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