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  • Apple Mac offers plenty of opportunities to make your computer life significantly more comfortable and efficient. However, the intuitive Mac user interface is different from Windows. We want the Apple Mac experience to be super enjoyable from the very first day and invite entrepreneurs and regular users to participate.

    Beginner's course:

    • Suitable for beginners and those familiar with Windows
    • We explore buttons and see how widgets work
    • Examine simple and useful features
    • Provide an overview of free Apple computer programs
    • Talk about the logical differences from Windows
    • Look at the main features to make Mac work for you

    Graduates of the course will be able to:

    • Effectively and comfortably use a Mac computer
    • Know simple and cool features that are favorites among Apple users
    • Understand why they no longer want to go back to Windows

    Learn more. "Äripäev: Make Mac Work for You"

    Duration: 3.5h
    Price: 99€

    The training takes place at Tartu mnt. 50A flagship showroom.
    The price is valid for one person. Group size is up to 4 people.

  • Consultation for Apple users who want to solve specific issues with the use of Mac, iPad, or iPhone that other training sessions do not cover.

    The consultation is personal and intended for one person.

    Who is it for?

    The consultation is open to anyone who wants a personalized approach to a specific issue or only one part of the Mac OS course program.

    When booking a consultation, please describe in a few sentences what specific issue you would like to get smarter about.

    Duration: 30-60 min
    Price: 29-49€

  • Photos

    Photos is simple photo management software. An ideal tool for organizing a home photo album and suitable for managing company product images. We'll learn how to create albums, sort photos – who, where, and when, how to edit and transform mediocre photos into great ones, and how to share or create printable photo albums for browsing on the couch through social media.

    Duration: 1h
    Price: 79€

    Price is for one person.


    iMovie is video editing software - for managing and processing home videos and other video material. With iMovie, it's easy to separate the important from the unimportant and shape the result into a Movie. We'll learn how to use iMovie to edit and mix video clips, add special effects, and create fun movie trailers using iMovie theme packs. In addition, we will go through how to share the films made through social media - Youtube and Vimeo.

    Duration: 1h
    Hind: 79€

    Price is for one person.


    Numbers is software for spreadsheet management. With Numbers, you can create tables, graphs and perform complex calculations using automated formulas. We will learn how to use Numbers to create tables, perform calculations and make the table visually beautiful. We will also look at how to format the existing data into graphs and how to find the desired information from the original data. Numbers is also ideal for small business accounting management.

    Duration: 1h
    Hind: 79€

    Price is for one person.


    Pages is a word processing program that allows you to create a variety of documents, layout them as needed, and save them in all the most common formats. We will learn how to choose a suitable base for your work from among different forms. We create different documents by changing the placement, appearance and formatting of the text. We add images and tables to documents and show how to make it all even more graphically brilliant.

    Duration: 1h
    Hind: 79€

    Price is for one person.


    Keynote is software for creating presentations. Keynote makes it easy to create visually appealing presentations that leave a professional impression. We will learn how to create presentations using Keynote, add images, graphics, video and sound, how to create our own thematic bases and import existing content from, for example, PowerPoint. In addition, we will see how to make a brilliant presentation using Apple iOS devices.

    Duration: 1h
    Hind: 79€

    Price is for one person.