Valge Klaar leasing

Don't want to pay right away ? Do you want to pay over a longer period, in 3 equal installments or maybe better to pay next month?

You can choose the most suitable payment solution in Valge Klaar e-shop and all point of sale. By choosing Valge Klaar payment solution, you can get your desired Apple products with the best payment terms later.

Applying for Valge Klaar payment methods is as easy and fast as card payment. Once you've selected your new Apple device, choose your favorite payment solution at checkout and you can get a decision done in a minute and get your order immediately.

The provider of financial services is Inbank Finance AS.

Valge Klaar installment:

  • Contract fee 0 €
  • Interest from 9.9%
  • Management fee 0.9 € / month
  • For purchases from 100-10 000 €
  • Contract period from 3-48 months

Valge Klaar Slice 3

  • Pay 3 in equal parts
  • 0 € surcharges
  • First payment in a month
  • For purchases from 75-1500 €

Valge Klaar GO - Pay next month

  • Pay on the 15th of the following month
  • 0 € surcharges
  • Return the products before the payment date and only pay for the products you get.
  • For purchases from 75-800 €

Attention, this is a financial service! The Inbank installment credit cost rate is 27.07% per annum under the following model conditions: price of the contract object immediately payable (net price) 1000 EUR, credit amount 1000 EUR, down payment 0 EUR, contract period 12 months, fixed interest rate 9.9% per annum based on purchase amount, contract fee 0 EUR, monthly management fee 2.9 EUR. The monthly installment is 94.17 EUR, the total amount of credit and the amount of repayments is 1130.02 EUR. The creditor is AS Inbank Finance (location Niine 11, Tallinn, tel. 640 8080). Before concluding the agreement, carefully read the terms and conditions of the desired agreement and, if necessary, consult an employee of AS Inbank Finance or another expert.