ESTO leasing

Not able to afford to pay the whole amount? Pay in instalments!

Use ESTO hire purchase to pay for products or services – the most affordable, convenient and fastest hire purchase in Estonia!

Add products to the shopping cart, confirm your order and select ESTO hire purchase as the method of payment. Upon paying, select the suitable period, the monthly instalment amount and sign the agreement conveniently with an ID card or Mobile ID.

ESTO hire purchase is an extremely fast and convenient payment solution, which helps to prepare you a payment schedule on the basis of the period of your choosing. The payment solution makes a decision in real time and helps you make purchases in less than 60 seconds.

ESTO hire purchase is provided by ESTO AS (registry code 14180709).

Hire purchase terms and conditions:

  • Interest from 0-14.9% (interest depends on the purchase amount)
  • Contract fee from €0
  • Period of up to four years.

ESTO hire purchase is available to all citizens of the Republic of Estonia aged 18-70. The hire purchase can also be formalised quickly and conveniently for legal persons..

PLEASE NOTE: each hire purchase is financial obligation. Before entering into a hire purchase contract, review the terms and conditions of the respective service and consult a professional where necessary. For instance, in the case of a loan of 2,049 euros for 12 years with a fixed interest of 14% per annum and a contract fee of 14.90 euros, the annual percentage rate on instalments is 31.12%, the monthly repayment is 197.14 euros and the total amount paid by the consumer is 2,365.68 euros.